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Attitude Status, Short Attitude Quotes

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Attitude Status Quotes Short Messages for Whatsapp Facebook

A very wise saying:
If you don't succeed in the first try,
Erase the proof that you ever tried !
Self respect bhi koi cheez hoti hai yaar.

I Am Not Famous In This World
But I Am Famous In Someone's Heart
That's All That Matters To Me.!

I luv work. Unfortunately, If i do work it gets finished.
How can i finish something i luv?
So I keep work pending
ENjoy laziness.

Attitude Rokss.....
Perfect Quote...
If U Think I'm Bad, Come To Me..
I'll Give U Much Better Reasons...
To.... Hate Me...!!

Excellent Attitude..
I Am Not Saying That I Am Special...
I Am Just One Of God's Limited Editions..!!!

An Excellent Positive Statement:
"I'm Not Totally Usless..
I Can Still Be Used As An Example Of Uselessness..
Thats The Attitude..!

Attitude During Exam:
They Gave The Questions Which I Don't Know..
So I Wrote Answers Which They Dont Know..!

My Attitude: If U Don't Care, I'll Care..
If U Again Don't, I'll Continue Caring..
If U Still Don't,
Then I Won't Give U A Chance
To Care For Me Again..!

I still hAve feElings foR yOu, Not enOugh to wAnt You back, But enOugh to maKe it huRt..

Always have a
positive attitude in life.
There is something positive
In every person.
Even a stopped watch is right
Twice a day

Get Inspired 4m Others..
Bt Dont Follow D Queue..
Live Ur Life In Ur Own Unique Style..
N U Wl See..
Ppl Getng Inspired N..
Following U..

What An ATTiTUDE..
I Reply…. 'I'm N0T
Accepting Your PR0P0SAL
But I Salute Y0ur CH0iCE"

Me: 'Why Am I Still Single?'
Brain: 'You're Weird As Shit.'
Body: 'And You're Fat.'
Face: 'Plus You're Ugly.'
Food: 'But I'm Here For You.'

Attitude Status Quotes for Whatsapp Facebook

Some genius person asked me what is ur attitude…
then i simply replied

In an Old Man's Shirt written a cute sentence :
'I Am Not 60 Years Old.., I Am Sweet 16 with 44 years Experience.' Thats Attitude.

You have to shut up, Swallow your pride
and Accept that you're wrong… Even when you're not!
Its not GIVING UP,
Its called GROWING UP!

Full on Attitude….
He Said : 'I LOVE U'
I Said :
'Oh mah GoD !!
I love ME too…….'

'Its a pity that Most of us live Our Whole life On Default Settings, Never Realizing that we can Actually Customize it.'

I dun giv a shit!' is always betr dn 'plz dun leev me honey!
Dey wanna leev
Let dem b free to leev
Bt 1ce dey do
Dun tak dem back if dey evr cum back

Attitude of girls: When a boy sends dirty sms she laughs for 10 minutes, forward dat to her friends n then replies the boy. 'i dont like that kind of sms ok?'

Good one; When you feel that Someone is taking your Place in Your Bestfriend's Heart… Never Say I'll never let Go Close to My Bestfriend; Rather Say Go as Close as You can, I Will Still be the Closest.. !

Before you Judge My Life, My Past or My Character…
Walk in My Shoes, Walk The Path I Have Travelled, Live My Sorrow, My Doubts, My Fear, My Pain 'n My Laughter…
Remember, Everyone has a story……
When You've Lived My Life Then You Can Judge Me.. !

Sum people don't understand d way I'm,
Sum r hurt by d way I talk,
Bt wat cn I do if dat is d real me,
'SORRY' I'm nt 'Perfect'
Definitely not 'FAKE'.

Boy-i cnt marry u… give my luvletr back..!! Next day gal gave him a big basket ful of letr and said 'Find urs n get lost…!!

I dnt consider wat ppl think or talk about me..
i juz b'live dat,
Those who know me, know me well,
N those who dont know me
can go to HELL.
:-) :-)right na??

Soldier : 'Sir, We are surrounded
by enemies on all side'.
Hitler : 'Excellent we can attack in
any direction!
'Attitude decide life'

Anyone can give up,
It's d easiest thing 2 do.
To hold it 2gether wen everyone expects U to fall apart,
Dat z d true strength.

Think Big; You may not be perfect in many things,
But many things cannot be perfect without YOU..:)
Stay special in your own little ways.

Mam:there r 5 birds on tree,u shot1,how many left?
Kid:none,as othrs fly.
Mam:its 4 bt i lik d way u think
Kid:i hv qustion mam.If 3 women r eating ice cream-
1 licking
which 1 is married?
Mam nervous: d 1 sucking
Kid:no,its d one wearing the mangal sutra but i like d way u think.

The audience see a Joker as Joker !
But d Joker sees himself as a
Performer " No matter wat others
think , Its your life , Go on with

Wen It Rains
All Birds Occupy Shelter
But Eagle Avoids Rain By Flying Above D Clouds
Prblem Iz Common 2 All
Bt Attitude Makes Difference.

A Man saw a Poor Young Boy looking at his expensive Car. He was in a gud mood that day and so he offered him a drive…
The Boy couldn't blv his luck and joined him..
Boy: Car is marvelous…its so huge..What's the Cost ?
Man: I don't know Exactly..My Friend Gifted it..
Boy: So Nice of Him..
Man: I know what you are thinking..You also want to have a friend like him right?!
Boy: No, I want to BE THAT Friend …!!

If som1 steps on ur foot n asks:
'did I hurt u?'
step on there foot hardly
n ask…
can u feel my answer.?
its good to be stupid..

People may call it Attitude,
But I call it Reality:
CARE 4 only those people
who DESERVE it
Bcoz We are NOt Jokers
to Entertain Everybody.

Dedicated 2 All Grls Wid High Attitude :
Sweety! Don't Be Proud
If Every Boy Wants u..!
Always Remember,
Cheap Items Hv many buyrs

First We Make Our Attitude
Our Attitude Make Us…'

To Be Great
Is To Be Misunderstood …
I m Always Misunderstood
I m Great …

Why Are U Late?
Ur Class Mates Came
Together On Time.