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Insult Status, Short Insult Quotes

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Insult Status Quotes Short Messages for Whatsapp Facebook

Go be stupid somewhere else.

Your age doesn’t lie. Neither does that face.

You must have fallen from heaven. That would explain how you messed up your face.

I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong.

Are you in stupid mode or does this come naturally?

You know most days when I look in a mirror I feel ugly, but when I look at you I feel lucky.

You're so much smarter when you don't speak.

You're so ugly you have to sneak up on a glass of water just to see your reflection.

It's not that you are weird, it's just that everyone else is normal.

What's the point of putting on makeup, a monkey is going to stay a monkey.

A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone's feelings unintentionally.

Where did you come from, did someone leave your cage open?

Your teeth are so yellow, when you smile I can see the Spanish flag.

If I say something that offends you, let me know so I can do it again later.

Your lips are moving, but all I hear is nothing.

Insult status quotes for whatsapp facebook

There are levels of ugliness which are acceptable. But looking at you, that is just illegal.

It's people like you, that make people like me, look good.

I'm not shy. I just don't like you.

Zombies eat brains. You're safe.

It's not that I hate you, it's just that I wish I had never met you.

Intelligence is key and you are locked out.

Let's play fetch a little differently. I will throw the stick and you don't come back.

Jealousy is a disease, get well soon.

I'm already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth.

You look ugly when you cry, much more when you don't.

Act your age not your shoe size.

I became so religious so that I could pray for you to burn in hell.

Teacher: What tense is I am beautiful in? Student: It's surely the past tense.

I'd insult you but apparently, you need qualities for me to insult.

Mirrors can't talk, lucky for you they can't laugh either.

I don't insult people. I just describe them.